Ceramics with Sophia!
Today was a good day. It started out with a fire drill so our period was cut short however i was still able to make a vase which will be my set of three. The bowl i previously made was not dry enough to foot so i made some adjustments like flaring out the lip into a wavey style. i cant wait to foot tomorrow! hopefully my projects get bisqued soon! i <3 ceramics!!!
2/7/2011 03:03:29 pm

you spelled wavy wrong. idiot
and a certain somebody told me that riley really wants you to ask him to tolo for realsies this time… also btw just thought i'd mention that i hate you and you're even worse at ceramics then you are at tennis. see you at the lesson friday!!! oh, wait. helen hates you too so she refuses to teach you.... too bad have fun getting cut loooooozer. ttyl


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