Ceramics with Sophia!

Quarter Report

Name: Sophia Rouches________________________________________Period: 3rd

Date_March 29, 2011______________________

Please attach your notes that describe all the projects you have done this semester.  Put your score on the line beside the project title.

9.5_Tall form (cylinder) 9/22/2010

9_ Wide form - 9/30/2010

9.5_ Set of three - 10/7/2010

9_ Wheel altered – 10/14/2010

8.5_ Choice project 10/21/2010

8.5_ Two plates 10/28/2010

You should have 7 blog entries – one per week

You should have all these projects in a gallery – good quality photos with captions – size, date, name of assignment

Please describe your efforts towards participation and leadership. Did you take care to clean well? Mention if you were attentive at the beginning of class every day.
My efforts in the class were good. I was doing my job everyday and always cleaning my wheel station. My attentiveness at the beginning of class needs some work. I am always so excited to get right to work that i forget to pay attention in the beginning. I have done a very good job helping beginning students on the wheel. 

How often do you use the pass?  Are you on task every day and all period? How social are you versus how much work do you do? How closely do you meet assignment deadlines?
I am always on task. Some days i am more social then others but i always get the work done that i need to. My assignments have met all the deadlines. I have done well staying on task and doing work.