Ceramics with Sophia!
Heidmans still gone): but i made another vase today! However it is pretty thick because i was rushed on time but it is still fairly good. Today i also kept gettin bullied by Sam Saimo. He is really jealous of the pots i make...Criticism cant stop me from making amazing pots!!! Can't wait till Monday!!! 
2/11/2011 02:29:54 pm

Im so sorry girl I hope he quits bullying yew! he sounds like a real dooosh bAg !fsklh42 keep doing what you do best making dA pOtS!!!

Sam Saimo
2/11/2011 02:31:01 pm


how am I a doosh...

2/11/2011 02:31:49 pm

w0w t@nks 4 da support!!!!!! more ppl lyke yew shuld b in dis werld!!!!

**Bi+chezzzz an h0ez**
2/12/2011 05:43:14 am

yall r all idiots. u suk at ceram an nun uv u evin no wut u r doon. but dat 1 chik peyton mcculley or sumthin lyke dat iz rilly hawt an shez rilly gewd at ceramix

2/13/2011 07:39:20 am

i know im actually really jealuos of how pretty peyton is...


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