Ceramics with Sophia!
I glazed my theme choice on monday. It came out tuesday looking just as i planned. I love it! i have to make two more projects next week!
Im still working on my hand and wheel. For it i made a simple vase and attached a snake that wraps around it. I have finished it came out of the bisque on thursday and im still in the process of glazing it. i hope it will get on the glaze shelf by monday.
I have started on my new teapot. I have the lid, body and spout done i just need to attach them all together. I am still debating whether or not to make my cylinder into a large mug for fathers day.
My teapot came out of the glaze. the lid got stuck too the pot so now it is sealed closed. i have made an additional theme choice and im excited to see how it turns out
I havent been making to many projects the all break): i want to try to make another teapot as a theme choice. Also my heart pitcher came out of the bisk and it looks really good. im pleased with how it turned out. i need to glaze my teapot and get my projects turned in!