Ceramics with Sophia!
YAYYYY!!! i finally made a project on the wheel!! im just nervous that ill screw it up :/....i miss heidman...she is gone for a whole week.. well ceramics has been pretty mellow lately. today kirsties project flew off the wheel.hheheh it made me giggle. that girl is too funny.
Today was another bad day..nothing made): but today i at least have an excuse because its Valentines Day!! I could barely focus because i kept getting texts from so many guys and the class kept getting interupted by all the roses i was getting. Oh well, tomorrow i gett to foot my project i made friday. WHERE IS MRS.HEIDMAN!?!?!?!?!?!?! The kiln needs to start running!!!
Heidmans still gone): but i made another vase today! However it is pretty thick because i was rushed on time but it is still fairly good. Today i also kept gettin bullied by Sam Saimo. He is really jealous of the pots i make...Criticism cant stop me from making amazing pots!!! Can't wait till Monday!!! 
Today was another good day. Ceramics is going great!!!(: i made another vase today to add to my set of three. i just want my projects to go in the bisque):. and i miss Mrs. Heidman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was a good day. It started out with a fire drill so our period was cut short however i was still able to make a vase which will be my set of three. The bowl i previously made was not dry enough to foot so i made some adjustments like flaring out the lip into a wavey style. i cant wait to foot tomorrow! hopefully my projects get bisqued soon! i <3 ceramics!!!
just having a good time
First week= success. Got my tall project and a choice project footed and ready for the kiln! I made a pretty decent wide project today, i almost forgot to bag it but thanks to ivy i remembered. Cant wait to foot my project monday and add some designs to it! Lovin the life of an advanced ceramicist!!