Ceramics with Sophia!
 Peoples moods and emotions can be expressed through art. Art can say everything a person says without actually saying any words. My emotions deeply reflect onto my projects in the form of colors, shapes, and sizes. When people handle my projects they should feel how my mood changes between each one.
    The glazes of my project show my emotions the strongest. For example, my most recet theme choice is a pitcher. The pitcher has the lip altered into a heart. The glaze i used was dark blue and turquise. The pot is ironic because it is expected to be glazed red showing love and care but instead i glazed it blue showing sadness. 
    I love to make simpily crafted projects. The methods are basic which makes them easier to master. My strategy with all my projects is to make simple well crafted projects and then use complex glaze. This makes it so the project doesn't look too busy but remains to have a nice unique look to it. 
  When im on the wheel i let my clay direct me. Usually by the time i pull a cylinder i get a good idea of what i actually want to make. When i glaze it the whole feel to the project changes. For example some of my glazes that didn't turn out to well were forced. When im in a bad mood i do not take my time to glaze it. i simply dip it in one or two colors and then put in on the glaze shelf. Other days when im in a better mood i like to paint my project with stain. Such as my lidded project. My lidded porject was painted with swirls of blue stain. 
   Ceramics is a good way for me to express my feelings through art. A mad angry mood can help transform a boring pot into a beautiful dark creation. There is never a day where i don't feel like making art. 

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