Ceramics with Sophia!
My tall prject is 3.5 by 2 inches. The base is smaller then the openning. The surface is all smooth. The glazes used were clear and blue stain. The blue stain is painted on in an assortment of swirly line designs.

finished 3/28

My set of three all have the same vase form.They vary from 3 to 4 inches tall and 2 to 3 inches wide. The surfacce is smooth all around. The glazes used were shadow green, dark blue and clear. They were dipped half and half vertically.

My wheel altered is 4 by 5. It is a bowl with wavy edges. The surface is smooth all around. The glazes used were clear and turquoise. The turquoise was dipped from the bottom about an inch up and from the top about an inch down. The glaze and form really come together to make the lip of the pot look as if they were waves in the ocean.
Started: 3/8/11
Ended: 3/24/11

My plates are 5 by 5. The form is flat all around and comes up slightly at the end. The surface is very smooth. . The plate was dipped in white glaze. Then it was dipped in turquoise and perpendicular to that it was blue, in the far left corner is a heart in turquoise glaze. The boarderline glazes really help draw the eyes towards the heart in the left corners.
started february 26th 
ended march 10th

This wide project is 3 by 5. The base is barely smaller then the opening, which makes the walls almost straight up. The surface is smooth. The lip of the pot is compressed so it is thicker then the rest of it. The glazes used were turquoise and a dark green. The dark green is dripped along the rim, and the turquoise inside appears to look darker. The darker inside makes the pot appear wider then it is.
started: february 28th 
ended: march 10th

My choice project is 3 by3. Its base is smaller then its opening on the top. The surface is mostly smooth. The lip of the project is pulled out into a pitcher shape. The glazes used were clear and turquoise. It was dipped around the rim and handle. By using simple light colored glaze and simple texture it helps direct eyes to the pulled out lip.